Nina M. Addison, was born the 9th child to the blended family of Audrey and Freeman Pendleton. Nina believes being born and raised in Chicago, she was born to help change lives and create positive mind sets. Nina was born unique to her family, being the only known immediate family member to be born with a physical difference. Nina was born with a condition called “club hands”. Meaning, her thumbs were removed due to lack of bones, and her arms did not properly develop. Nina quotes, “Although I have a visible difference, I do not consider myself to be handicapped because I do not limit or disable myself from doing anything needed and/or desired.”


Nina received her Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and studied Social Work at Loyola University in Chicago. Working in a capacity of helping others has always been a passion of Nina’s. Knowing she looked different to most people, Nina used her “difference” to show others that what you may think is impossible is possible with the help of God.

Nina is the C.E.O. of T.O.U.C.H. NFP, an organization built to help uplift and create positive family interactions. In 2010, Nina took a step forward to pursue her speaking career with “Nina Motivates.”

Always motivating others via social media or in person, Nina decided to make it a life-long journey. “My mission is to uplift and empower others to live their best life personally, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.”

​Nina has a passion for youth and young adults. Nina encountered many of her life trials during her youth and young adult life. She uses the examples she has encountered to show how you can overcome and live an authentic and full life. Because of her great love for youth and desire to help build them, Nina continue to develop programs to help the youth of today. Some programs include mentoring programs, self-worth programs, life-skills classes, book writing, and entrepreneurship programs.


In 2012 Nina became a certified Christian Life Breakthrough Coach through the Life Breakthrough Academy. Nina is a member of the Biblical Coaching Alliance. Nina also began her book writing career by publishing her first E-book “From the Mind to the Mouth” in 2012. In February 2013 Nina released her first of many paperback books titled “Because I Love Me.” Nina served as the Chicago South SPAA (Speakers, Publishers & Authors Association) President for 2013. She won the speaker of the year for SPAA in 2013. Nina took 2014 by storm by becoming the co-host of “Own My Own” talk radio show, co-host of Motivating the Motivators weekly empowerment call, wrote on “Mental Stability” for Speak It News Online Magazine, and was the host of the Gospel Gossip Entertainment Television show!

Nina has many great God given gifts to offer the world! September 2014 Nina officially answered God’s call on her life and was imparted as an Evangelist. Taking this office is not only important to Nina, but it is her true calling in inspiring and motivating. “Getting people to see Jesus through me is what I live for” says Nina.

January 2015 Nina stepped out and released her second book “For The Lady In Waiting: Becoming Completely Intimate With God.” She uses this book to help others develop an intimate relationship with God. Nina is focused on building youth and women all around the world for God’s Glory! “I am His light and salt and I must give the flavor of Christ to the world!”


​June 2015, Nina combined her skills as a motivator with her gift to make people laugh and branded herself as a comedic motivator. She began performing and traveling not only motivating, but bringing laughter into the lives of many!

​By the fall of 2016 Nina had published her 6th book! In the late summer of 2016 Nina launched Anointed Hands Publishing Company. In 5 short months, the company had published three additional books. One of the ways Nina use her coaching certification is by coaching bloggers and authors to take their writing ideas off their minds and onto the web and into books!

Nina has always had a passion for baking. Every Christmas Nina would make delicious butter cookies. In December of 2017, Nina took her passion of baking and created Nina Boo Sweets. Nina Boo Sweets is your ticket to butter cookie heaven. She provides delicious butter cookie-based desserts. Nina was ordained a Pastor of Youth at Be Whole Christian Center in March of 2018. November 2018 Nina released book number 7. December 2018 Nina expanded Nina Boo Sweets and added organic health teas and organic coffee.

With several businesses and services, Nina was then branded as the Xtreme Entrepreneur. Nina has traveled to several states speaking life, sent cookies and teas all over and plan to continue traveling and expanding her gifts.


By January 2020, Nina had published ten of her own books and several client books. Nina launched Book Writing 101, teaching others how to write and publish books. By March 2020 Nina began working on her first book collaboration “You Can: 33 Stories to Uplift & Inspire Everyday People.” The book launched August 1st 2020 and sold over 500 books in the first month. Nina is continuing to put together book collaborations and workshops to help more people, youth and adults, become published authors. Since then, two other successful collaborations have been published and more on the way. Nina is also launching programs to assist youth with becoming authors/entrepreneurs. She is also coaching aspiring publishers.


Nina has been known as a lady in waiting since 2010. Nina use this as an opportunity to teach self-love and to encourage singles to live a life of celibacy and wait for God’s best. September 24, 2020, Nina started the journey of moving from a lady in waiting to a wife. Vernon Addison, a man she has dated for 6 months, asked for her hand in marriage. After waiting for 10 years for the one God has for her, on December 2020 Nina Fulfilled the journey she preaches and teaches. She became Mrs. Vernon Addison! She is now a bonus mom to one awesome boy and a wife.


Although Nina first passion is inspiring and coaching youth, she uses all her gifts daily. “I will leave this world empty of all the gifts within me!”


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